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At the heart of one of the most dynamic agricultural French region, our agricultural training centrer provides a variety of general and vocational courses of agriculture for our 250 young students aged around 15 to 21. We also have about 200 adults studying either to be farmers or to be employed on farms and in the related industries.

Our school is a private organization, that delivers national degrees and qualifications approved by the French Ministry for agriculture and food.
Based on sandwiched training, our teaching method has proven to be successful and strongly linked to professional needs since the creation of Ireo in 1964.

Our students have a lot of opportunities to discover foreign cultures through many study trips and international work experiences. Our aim is that our students develop curiosity, independence and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

Our international placement coordinators develop international relations, and work along with the teachers to prepare and follow students during their stay in a foreign country.
They are the point of contact between the school, the family, the student, and the host company.

The student mobility team gathers:

Image sabelle Bloas-Dewu is the General Manager of IREO. Before joining the training center, Isabelle has spent 4 years in Niger, where she was working on international cooperation projects. Isabelle can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, ewe and hausa !
Image Petra Bebseler coordinates international projects for high school students. Petra is Dutch and has been living in Brittany for almost 30 years! She has a wide experience of what living abroad means. She is fluent in English, French and German.
Image Fabrice Ferrand is Erasmus + point of contact for high school students.
Image Mélanie Cazuc coordinates higher education projects. Mélanie has lived and worked in England and Spain and was an Erasmus student herself. She is the point of contact for host companies, partners abroad and students.
Image Maryvonne Salaün helps with higher education projects coordination. Teaching coordinator of 1st year students, she's a point of contact for students to prepare and follow-up their stay abroad.